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Can My Pet be Exhumed and Cremated?

The bond we have with our pets is unbreakable and can last a lifetime. So, when a pet passes away some believe that in order to keep that bond alive they must have their departed pet burial area nearby. However, there are other options available.

Many people still choose to bury their pet in their garden. It’s considered to be cheaper or the ‘easiest’ option. We understand that for some families, burying their pets may have been a tradition. Consequently, any present or future pets should also be buried when they pass away. But what if your circumstances change?

Issues with a Home Pet Burial:

You’re Moving Home:

Regardless of the reason for moving home there are issues that you should consider. Do you want to leave your loved one behind? Should you tell the new owner about the pet burial areas? How do you feel about the new owner digging up the grave either on purpose or by accident?

You’re Making Alterations to Your Garden:

You may want to build an extension or re-model your garden and your pet’s burial area could be damaged as a result.

Land Owner’s Permission:

Many pet owners don’t realise that you require the land owner’s permission to bury a pet in the garden. If you are renting a property you must get the owner’s permission first before burial.

The Grave Has Been Disturbed:

To avoid your pet’s burial area being disturbed by wildlife it is important to dig a grave that is at least 3-4ft deep. For a large dog, digging a grave large enough is a considerable effort. It is often more work than you realise.

You Weren’t Aware That Pet Cremation was an Option:

When a loved one passes away the strength of emotion can be overwhelming. It’s not uncommon for people to act instinctively. Over the years we have had owners that have buried their pet only to regret the decision they have made for any number of reasons. If you change your mind and decide that cremation is a more suitable option, then this may still be possible.

Exhuming your Pet:

Exhuming your pet for individual cremation is an option. It’s not the most pleasant task, so you might want to bring someone in to help you. Once the exhumation is complete you can either bring your pet to us directly or you can call us and make arrangements for us to collect your pet.

There are a range of benefits of pet cremation that we would like to highlight:

- Your pet’s ashes are returned to you in an urn or casket making it easy to keep them close to you.

- You can choose to scatter your pet’s ashes; possibly on your pet’s favourite spot to take a walk.

- You have peace of mind that your pet has received a dignified final journey.

Individual Pet Cremation

Before your pet is cremated, you can select an urn or casket for the ashes. We have many to choose from, including our high quality wooden caskets with engraving, our signature urns and even a scatter tube to scatter your pet’s ashes easily.

Please let us know if you would like your pet’s favourite toy or blanket cremated with your them. We have seen all sorts of keepsakes cremated with pets.

Each individual cremation is part of our Legacy Pets Package. Each package contains your choice or Urn or Scattertube, along with a beautiful scented candle. You will also recieve an Official Legacy Pets Certificate of Individual Cremation, which will be enclosed inside a Luxurious Ivory Envelope. The Envelope is finished off with a Legacy Pets vintage wax stamp seal of authenticity, ensuring this commemorates your loved one in the way they deserve. We can also offer fur clippings presented in stunning glass vials, available at no extra charge.


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