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Create a memory that lasts forever with our Engraved Wooden Keepsakes

Wooden Keepsakes

Tribute Heart

Carved from solid beech, these beautiful hearts are the perfect palm sized keepsake. Each heart can be engraved with either a unique copy of your pet’s paw print and your pets name or a message of your choice. Hidden inside is a small glass vial which can be used to securely hold a small quantity of ash or fur as a reminder of your loved one.



Engravings can be also added to the back of the heart, additional engravings are £15.

The heart comes in velvet pouch with a velvet plinth.

Brushed Gold display stand - £16


Eternity Candle

This lovely tactile solid oak cube can be engraved with a message of your choice, or a copy of your pet’s paw prints with their name underneath. Each candle contains a glass container perfect for interring some of your loved one’s ash or fur as treasured keepsake.



Other sides of the candle can be engraved, each additional engraving is £15.


Engraved Wooden Keepsakes

Wooden Hearts.jpg
Eternity 2.jpg


For further Information:

Call us on: 0161 503 1579

Email us at:

Legacy Pets, 2 Riders Gate, Bury, BL9 7RD

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Fonts available for Keepsake engravings:


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