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These incredibly precious casts are taken prior to your pets cremation.

Paw & Nose Castings


Paw, Nose & Hand Castings

If you are looking for a keepsake truly unique to your beloved pet these handcrafted plaster paw and nose castings are a fitting tribute for you to cherish. Our specialist creative team take great care to get the perfect paw or nose impression of your pet, these imprints are then cast in plaster and once dry they are beautifully painted and embossed in a subtle metallic wax to create the perfect impression of your pets paw or nose

Having a casting may mean you are reunited with your pet in 72 hours rather than the usual 48 hours

2D Frame Options

2D frame options.PNG

3D Frame Options

3D Cast Plinths.PNG
3D frame options.PNG

3D Cast Plinths


For further Information:

Call us on: 0161 503 1579

Email us at:

Legacy Pets, 2 Riders Gate, Bury, BL9 7RD

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