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Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

We know how difficult these situations can be and how hard it can be to process information in these circumstances. This page is to give you answers to any questions you may have.


If there are any questions you have that aren't featured on this page, please don't hesitate to contact our helpful team. 


Do I have to have my pet cremated through my Vets?
No. You have the right to choose the final journey for your pet, like you would with a family member. Where you choose to have your pet cremated is completely your choice and you don’t have to use the standard service provided by your Vets. 

Can you collect my pet from my local Vets? 
Yes we can. Once you have contacted us to arrange your pet’s Individual Cremation, all you need to do is let your Veterinary Practice know that a member of the Legacy Pets Team will be collecting your pet on your behalf. 

Once we collect your pet, they will be personally chauffeured back to our Crematorium in Bury and we will contact you to let you know they are now in our care.

How will my pet be handled?
We have a dedicated team of animal lovers who will handle your pet with the utmost care. If your pet of a large size, we will always have enough team members to handle them carefully and with respect.


We do not believe in any bags or cold storage; your pet will be placed in their own bed with a blanket while they are in our Waiting Lounge until it is their turn for cremation.


How do I know what I receive back is my pet?
We only carry out Individual Cremations here at Legacy Pets, which means that each pet that is in our care are cremated on their own. We also have strict protocol in place so that your pet can be identified by our team throughout the entire process. 

Can I attend my pet’s cremation?
You are able to bring your pet to our Crematorium and say goodbye in our dedicated Quiet Room. However due to health & safety regulations, only trained members of our team can be present during the cremation process.


To give you peace of mind, you can request to be notified by a member of our team when your pet’s cremation is going to take place. 

Can I talk to you after the cremation of my pet?
We will always be here to help. We have a friendly team who are happy to talk to you about how you may be feeling after your pet’s cremation.

We also have a dedicated Facebook Group where you can discuss your feelings and share experiences with other families who are going through the same as you. (Legacy Pets Bereavement Support Group) 

Should I feel bad about planning in advance? 
Absolutely not. We urge families to plan in advance where possible. We know that if you feel rushed or aren’t given the time you need to process what may be happening, you may look back and regret the decisions you made. 

We always advise to plan ahead of time, so that if something were to happen in a case of emergency you already know what you would like for your pet and it will make the whole process a little easier. It will also give you peace of mind that the organisation of their cremation is already taken care of and will allow you to process their passing without any additional worries. 



For further Information:

Call us on: 0161 503 1579

Email us at:

Legacy Pets, 2 Riders Gate, Bury, BL9 7RD

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