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We are your small, local pet crematorium with a big heart. As we are privately owned, we have the luxury to individually look after every pet that is in our care. You can be sure that your loved one will receive the very best care.

Extra Small Pets


A local pet crematorium with a truly personal touch.

All families will have their loved ones returned to them in a beautiful & thoughtful Legacy Pets Presentation Package as standard.

Each pack contains your choice or Urn, Casket or Scattertube, along with a beautiful scented candle to welcome your pet home.


You will also receive an Official Legacy Pets Certificate of Individual Cremation, which will be enclosed inside a luxurious Ivory Envelope. The Envelope is finished off with a Legacy Pets vintage wax stamp seal of authenticity, ensuring this commemorates your loved one in the way they deserve.


In addition to this, we also can take locks of your pet's fur and place them into delicate glass vials which will be stored safely in a luxury velvet pouch.

Please be aware if your pet has passed away due to Parvo, Feline Infectious Peritonitis or any Zoonotic disease we will unfortunately not be able take paw prints, fur clipping or castings due to the infectious nature of the diseases. In these cases we have to follow strict health and safety guidelines to ensure the safety of our staff and pets at home.


Extra Small Pet Cremation:
(Pets Weighing Less Than 300g)

Scatterpouch Package

These beautiful handwoven bamboo pouches are 100% biodegradable, your pets ashes are secured inside in biodegradable paper liner giving you the option to either bury your pets ashes encased in the pouch or scatter them in their favourite spot.

Includes optional Fur Clippings & Token Ash free of charge.


Less than 0.3kg = £85.00

Scattertube Package

Our Scattertube is a circular cardboard tube which is ideal for keeping at home or scattering the ashes at your pet's favourite location. These Scattertubes are biodegradable so they can also be buried without the need to remove the ashes.

Includes optional Fur Clippings & Token Ash free of charge.


Less than 0.3kg = £85.00

High Quality Wooden Casket + Engraving Package

Our high quality traditional Caskets are available in two different colours; light beech or dark mahogany brown.

Your pet’s ashes will be placed securely inside the casket in a sealed bag.   You have a choice of a silver or a gold plaque to be engraved (max. 250 characters)

Includes optional Fur Clippings & Token Ash free of charge.


Less than 0.3kg = £120.00

Tribute Box with Engraving & Photograph Package

The Tribute Box is a perfect way to keep everything that reminds you of your pet together in one place. The box is ideal to put things inside such as your pet's fur clippings, collar, toys etc. You can also place your pet's photo inside the lid. The Tribute Box comes with a free engraved plaque with writing of your choice.

Includes optional Fur Clippings & Token Ash free of charge.


Less than 0.3kg = £165.00


Engraved Tribute Box Package

Our engraved Tribute Box package is a beautiful bespoke way to keep a loved pets ashes on display at home. These decorative boxes can be engraved with either our calming dog walking scene or the restful cat on a window ledge or you can opt for a truly bespoke design to commemorate your pet. Choose a favourite poem, saying or message or recreate a treasured photograph of your pet to remember them in a truly unique way.

This package includes engravings on two sides of your tribute box, you can have extra sides engraved at an additional cost of £15 per side.

Includes Fur Clippings and Token Ash free of charge


Less than 0.3kg = £195.00


For further Information:

Call us on: 0161 503 1579

Email us at:

Legacy Pets, 2 Riders Gate, Bury, BL9 7RD

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