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As a family of life long pet owners, animals are our passion. Having worked with animals for over 20 years, we understand what it means to have lost a beloved family pet.

About Us


Dedicated to providing compassionate support.

After the passing of our family cat Barney in 2011, we parted with our baby boy at our local vet and waited in earnest for his return home. It would be over two weeks before we had our boys remains returned to us, leaving us emotionally exhausted but otherwise delighted to have him home.


We were dismayed to discover that our boy had been cremated only 3 days prior, according to his certificate of cremation. We were left wondering, where had our Barney been in all that time?


With the coming of our darling family dogs 14th birthday, the topic of preparing for Maggie’s passing brought memories of our passed experience flooding back, and we vowed to honour her with a dignified cremation, right here in her home town of Bury.


We recognised the need for a compassionate, local pet cremation service that offers bereaved pet owners the peace of mind that their pets will be treated with the utmost respect, will be revered every step of the way and are returned to their families swiftly so that they may all find comfort and closure in their pets passing.


With that Legacy Pets was founded, dedicated to providing compassionate support to each and every family we serve.


We provide a beautiful and serene environment to say your final goodbyes and offer a range of hand selected urns and keepsakes for you to cherish.


Why choose Legacy Pets?




In the unfortunate circumstance that your pet passed away, we offer a service to your home.


Individual Cremations

Designed to ensure the highest level of professionalism, care and dignity throughout the cremation process. 


Personally Returned

We aim to return your Pets ashes to you within 48 hours or same day where possible. 

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