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House Rabbit Tips

Not all family homes can accommodate the care needed to raise a cat or a dog. That’s why having a pet like a rabbit is perfect as they’re a lot more low-maintenance than other pets. That’s not to say they aren’t just as challenging though!

Rabbits are so mischievous and love to hide out in small places that you didn’t even know were possible for them to get into or under. So, it helps to prepare your home before you bring this tiny bundle of fun into your home with these rabbit proofing tips, so they don’t get themselves into trouble. This list is specific to house rabbits but, please be mindful that a level of precaution also needs to be taken for outdoor rabbits when letting them out to have a run around.

Rabbit proofing involves three main things:

Protecting your rabbits

Providing safe chewing alternatives

Protecting your property

There are a few supplies, that are really easy to get hold of to protect them as well as your home.

Rabbit proofing supplies:

Cable wraps

Preventing your rabbits from chewing into live electrical cords is incredibly important. The consequence of biting into an electric wire is too risky to relying on training alone. Cable cord wraps allows you to keep the wires together and out of reach.

Plastic flex tubing or hard plastic sleeves

Is also a great alternative for keeping cords out of reach. It can also be used to protect table and chair legs.

Base boards

Baseboards along your furniture allows an acceptable chewing surface, if your little bunny insists on chewing.

Baby gate or puppy pens (preferably metal)

This is great for letting them lose and not having to keep a close eye on them. Just make sure it isn’t a baby gate with gaps big enough for your bunny to squeeze through!

Chew toys

Rabbit chew toys are an art of distraction and can help deter your rabbit from chewing anymore of your belongings. There are so many available these days, even ones that have a taste to them so your rabbit will be more likely to chew those rather than your bland tasting chair legs...

Plastic panelling

Panelling will help to protect your walls and can easy be affixed. This will stop your rabbit bit tearing off wallpaper or chewing into plasterboard.

Beware of houseplants

Many plants can be toxic for your little bunny. House rabbits don’t always know by instinct what not to eat so keep plants like poinsettia, holly, tomato leaves, and tulips to name a few out of reach.


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