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What To Expect From Legacy Pets

It is never going to be a particularly easy subject to talk about. It’s such a difficult and sensitive conversation to have because nobody really wants to think into much depth what happens to your pet once they pass away. It is upsetting for anyone however it is something that must be done, and we’re here to guide you through it in the most respectful way possible.

We would love to say that having a plan in place will definitely make the entire process a little easier, but you cannot always plan for these types of situations. That’s another reason why we’d like to spread the word about Legacy Pets. Even if you don’t have an ill or elderly dog, just so long as people know that we are here when the time comes, our mission is to make everything easier.

Planning a funeral is not exactly something that people enjoy doing, however when it comes to family you know that it must be done and you will do everything you can to give your loved one a great send-off. Well, that’s part of our ethos here at Legacy Pets. We want you to put your trust into us and believe us when we say your pet will be handled like a family member of our own.

We will never rush you into doing anything, we let all of our customers take the time they need to pick out things like an urn or casket for your pet’s ashes. We have quite a few questions be asked via email and on our social media platforms, so with this we’d like to guide people through the entire process so you know exactly what will happen and can feel completely at ease with no unanswered questions.

Before the Cremation Can Begin:

We understand that these situations can happen at any given moment, that’s why we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can contact us no matter the hour and our dedicated team member will collect your pet from either your local veterinary practice or from your home.

Our driver will handle your companion with care and dignity, just like we would with our own pets. You are welcome to ask the driver to take along any special items you would like your pet to have with them during the cremation, this could be anything from a favourite cuddly toy, lead, ball or a special note or photograph.

Once your pet is with us, either from being collected from your home or local veterinary practice or even if you choose to bring your pet to us, the first option we give you is to use our Quiet Room to say your final goodbyes. Our room is peaceful, comfortable and we do recommend using it. We charge no extra for this service, we just genuinely believe that this is a really comforting experience and if you feel that you are able to then you should use it - Simply call us to book the room, which is normally available immediately.

It is normal practise for our customers to let us know before the cremation begins which urn or casket you have chosen for your pet’s ashes to return home in. However, there is no rush to do this and we urge you to take as much time as you need. We offer caskets in different wood finishes such as natural or mahogany where an engraved plaque can be added. We also offer our Signature Urn as well as scatter tubes which are ideal if you wish to scatter your pet’s ashes instead. We also have a choice of different keepsakes such as a framed paw print and frames which are perfect for mounting your pet’s collar with your favourite photo. We also take fur clippings of your pet on request as an extra keepsake. If you have any other particular request before the cremation begins, please let a member of our team know as soon as possible.

What Happens at the Crematorium?

We have created a Waiting Lounge for all of the pets to keep them comfortable in individual beds until it is their time to go for cremation. At Legacy Pets we absolutely DO NOT use any fridges or freezers while pets are in our care, this cannot be said should you decide to leave your pet with your local vet practice while they wait to be collected. At Legacy Pets we believe that no pet should ever be placed into a freezer for waiting purposes thus why we created our Waiting Room and we strive to have pet’s home where they belong within 24 hours. We will only ever have 2 or 3 pets waiting for cremation at any one time and we pride ourselves on keeping your pet dignified and comfortable throughout the entire process. If you choose to opt for any additional keepsakes such as the paw print, these are taken while your pet is in our Waiting Lounge.

We also have a team on-hand who are able to comfort you and will talk to you about your pet if you want to share any fond memories with us. At Legacy Pets we want you to be able to meet the people who will take care of your loved one during their final journey. This offers much needed comfort to our customers and distinguishes Legacy Pets from the rest. We are here to make the entire process easier for you so we strive to offer a completely personal service like no other.

Your pet will then be prepared for their cremation. The time it takes for the cremation to be complete will vary on the size of your pet, this can usually take from 45 minutes to 4 hours for larger pets.

How Do I Know It’s My Pet?

This can be a common worry for some people. We guarantee that you will only receive your pet back from the cremation as we only offer individual cremations. You will receive your pet, only your pet and all of your pet.

We cremate on average around 50 animals per month, and no more than 6 cremations per any one day. We have no reason whatsoever to give you anything other than your pet’s ashes back. Unlike large corporate companies who can cremate hundreds of pets per day, we offer a much more personalised and intimate service to our customers so that we are not overstretched with work and can put the individual effort into each pet.

We also have many checks in place that guarantee that you will only receive the ashes from your pet back.

How We Keep Track of Your Pet

While we guide your pet through their final journey, they are labelled individually with a tag that stays with them throughout the entire process. This way we can guarantee that you only receive back the ashes of your pet.

After the Cremation

Once the cremation process has finished, your pet will be returned to you as early as the very next day or even the same day where possible. This is a crucial part to our work, we hate that some crematoriums can take days and sometimes even weeks to return your pet home. If it was our own pet, we’d want them back in the comfort of their own home as soon as possible which is why we aim for the very next day.

We never give you your pet back in a simple cardboard box, this is insensitive and undignified. All of our caskets, urns and scatter tubes are of high standard and are the best way to hand your pet back over to you after the cremation.

Your pet’s ashes will be packed neatly and carefully by our team into our premium presentation pack as standard. Each pack contains your pet’s ashes in your choice of urn or scatter tube selected from our showroom along with a beautiful scented candle. You will also receive an official Legacy Pets Certificate of Individual Cremation which will be enclosed in a luxury ivory envelope. The envelope is finished off with a Legacy Pets vintage wax stamp seal of authenticity, ensuring this commemorates your loved one in the way they deserve. We have spent a lot of time constructing our presentation packages so that they are like no other and are completely unique to Legacy Pets.


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