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Why Small Pet Cremations Are Becoming More Popular

Most people are actually unaware that you can cremate pets as small as gold fish, hamsters and guinea pigs.

The fact is more people than ever are getting their pets cremated regardless of the size. There are a number of reasons for this;

Pet Cremation In General Is More Popular:

Pet Cremation is becoming a more popular option as the years go by and people are starting to become more knowledgeable about it as an option when your pet passes.

Smaller Living Areas:

Typically, gardens are smaller or the owner is living in rented accommodation making burial a less popular option.

Beloved Family Members:

These small pets have become more important as family members making it more important for them to have a dignified final journey, something that we at Legacy Pets can certainly give them.

What is Classed as a “Small Pet”?

We have two categories of prices for smaller sized pets. Our first one is pets that weigh less than 0.5kg. We call these our Extra Small Pets. For example, an extra small pet would be a hamster, mouse, rat, budgie etc.

Next we have our Small Pet category. This category is for slightly larger pets such as rabbits, guinea pigs, parrots, turtles etc.

How Do I Get My Small Pet’s Ashes Back?

With smaller pets, we have two options available to have their ashes returned back to you. The first is our Scattertube. A popular and our most affordable ash container. It’s ideal to keep your pet’s ashes if you aren’t sure whether you want to scatter them or keep them just yet. Our next option is our wooden caskets. They come in a light/natural wood colour or a dark mahogany. Both come complete with an engraved plaque with text of your choice.

When we are cremating small animals, we guarantee to have them reunited with you within 24 hours.

So, no matter how small your pet it – you can rely on Legacy Pets to give them the dignified final journey they deserve.


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